In the Industrial Sector, Air pollution Control has become an integral part of the functioning of a company. In this field, Airotek has established a reputation backed by a sound experience and solid technical know how. Airotek is a company that stands on the invincible pillars of youth, dynamism, quality and foresight. Initiated by an enthusiastic engineer having diversified experience, Airotek is basically a system oriented company, involved in Marketing, Design, Development and Production of Air Handling Projects. Airotek is now giving all specialized services in the filed of Air Pollution Control Projects & Equipments . The company offers unique and perfectly designed systems for all air handling applications, be it. Collection of Grinding dust in ENGINEERING Units or supply of hepa filtered air to pharmaceutical Units or providing pressurized Chambers for Electronic units or Extraction of sand Dust or Evaporative cooling systems for Large Manufacturing Units.

Airotek has efficiently spread its span of activity into three different functions, namely, VENTILATION, DUST COLLECTION and Fume EXTRACTION. All the projects and products in each of the above field are carried out with utmost care and priority.


Airotek Pollu Control Projects & Equipment Pvt. Ltd

Airotek has solution for every application be it small or big e.g. A very small trolley mounted systems for machine tool scrap collection, or large systems for extraction of ceramics / sand dust, whatever be the size of a system. The design plays pivotal role in not only selecting the appropriate design parameters, but also in balancing the capital costs with the running maintenance costs over the useful life of the system. This is the main strength of Airotek, its ability to offer you the perfect system. Airotek has a modern design office and works at Pune. The factory has complete in house facilities for manufacturing all the equipments required for Air pollution Control Application.

The system parameters are designed to conform to recommendations of American Conference of Industrial Hygienists and US. Environmental protection Agency, also the Indian Standards and pollution Control Boards. Today, Airotek feels proud of the several system designed manufactured and commissioned at leading industrial establishment running smoothly and silently year, working towards a pollution free atmosphere.


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